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Updated: Jun 1

Today my friend Katerina Meyvial, wedding planner in France based in Paris, is writing an article on my blog. She has been my guest recently on the French Wedding Podcast, you can hear the episode here.

You are a modern couple, you are aesthetes and you love travelling? You prefer quality over quantity and you cherish unique experiences? Then an intimate destination wedding in Paris is what you need and here are five reasons why.

1 - You Only Celebrate With Those Who Matter The Most To You

It is always frustrating to have too many guests, some of them you don't even know personally. Distant family members of your fiancé(e), +1 of your colleagues, and some old friends that you aren't really keeping in touch with, but have to invite. You spend all your day trying to socialise with everyone and forget to enjoy.

That will never happen to you if you decide to have an intimate wedding in Paris. Most of the time, you would have between 30 and 60 guests, all close friends, immediate family and those you care about for real.

2 - Unique Party Experience

Have you ever wanted to celebrate in a historical venue? Have you ever wanted to become an aristocrat for a day? Are you an aesthete? Having an intimate wedding in Paris gives you an opportunity to live a unique party experience like no other. You change the setting completely, you leave the routine behind and you immerse in a new environment full of beautiful moments and experiences. Exquisite historical venues, splendid decor, gourmet food, fine wines, all your senses will be solicited for emotional discoveries! After all, will there ever be another occasion to throw a multiple-day celebration in France?

3 - Luxury Setting

How much does a luxury wedding in your home country cost? Did you know that a luxury wedding in Paris can cost around 50k-70k€ based on 30-60 guests? If you are looking for a unique aesthetic celebration to share with a selected few, having an intimate wedding in Paris will give you that opportunity.

4 - Saving Opportunities

If you rather prefer travelling around Europe, investing in your accommodation or your business, rather than celebrating with people you don't really know that well, then once again, an intimate destination wedding will help you to do that! Luckily, today couples can choose the celebration that corresponds to them the most, so if you don't feel like a huge party for any reason, don't do it!

5 - Easy Logistics

If some of your friends live in Europe, Middle-East or Asia, Paris is an ideal spot for everyone to travel to. Parisian airports are well connected to all major cities in the world, making it ideal for destination weddings. There are hundreds of hotels to choose from and getting around is easy.

Seduced? Want to plan your wedding in Paris? Feel free to contact me to book your first online consultation.

By Katerina Meyvial


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